Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee has not faded yet and that has been proved by her recently released film No One Killed Jessica. It has not only revived the reign of Rani but also shown a different side of the actress. And this might have impressed her director Rajkumar Gupta and he went on even proposing her for marriage but on-screen!

Well, Gupta is a great fan of the actress and that was noticed by the unit while they were shooting for the film. He always looked for an opportunity to be with Rani and even did not bother the rumor about her romance with another filmmaker Aditya Chopra. He was reportedly bowled over by the beauty of Rani. A source confirmed the news saying that Gupta was so desperate about her that he insisted to play a cameo role in the movie. He wanted to essay the role of Rani’s colleague, who proposes her for marriage. The director wanted to play the role just to get the opportunity to propose Rani for marriage.

Initially, some other actor was supposed to play the role but Gupta wanted to do it himself. As a colleague of the actress, who is a journalist, he shouts at the top of his voice saying ‘Marry Me’. Gupta also confirmed the news saying that he has done that cameo to get the pleasure of proposing to Rani. He added that the producer Vikas Behl also has a cameo, who shouts ‘Try me’ to Rani.

There is a buzz that Gupta is planning to cast Rani in his next project titled Rapchik Romance. However, the director said that it will be too early to discuss about the cast now as he is still writing the project.

Well, as Gupta is writing the project, he may end up projecting himself as the love interest of Rani!

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