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Thread: Some tips on how to write resume

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    Some tips on how to write resume

    * Do not make grammar mistakes: Do not misspell any words or make any grammar mistakes as this may happen, but the employer will not understand. The first impression will go down the drain. Therefore before you put up your resume, be sure that all is spelled correctly.

    * Do not be ambiguous: Be clear in whatever you are stating in your resume, and do not say anything indirectly. If an ambiguity is generated then the employers might understand you differently, or even negatively. Therefore do not give room for such misconceptions.

    * Do not go in detail as to what were your responsibilities in the previous company. Chances are high that your employer might call up your previous company and ask them about it. If any one of it is wrong, then itís your call.

    * Do not make your resume flashy: As said before your resume is the first impression an employer has about you, and if you make your resume very flashy, then you might seem unprofessional and might lose the job.

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    great tips

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