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    Effective business leaders require superior skills in management, finances and interpersonal communication. The ability to envision a goal and to convince others to work together to reach it is a big part of succeeding as a manager. Continuing to learn and to adjust to new circumstances also helps in maintaining an effective leadership position.

    Communicating With Others
    Motivating other people to share your goals is a far more effective leadership strategy than using your power to order them around. Employees who can envision the final goal of a project, and who know they will share in its benefits through profit sharing or other incentive programs, will work harder and be happier in their jobs. According to Paul B. Thornton, writing on the website ManagerWise, listening to and understanding others are central parts of successful leadership.

    Believing you will succeed is not the only element of successful business management. A certain amount of self-confidence will help you to resist the stresses and difficulties inherent in any business venture. A leader or manager who consistently embodies a relaxed confidence will inspire the cooperation of staff and employees. Of course, you need to have this confidence grounded in a genuine mastery of the business at hand.

    Planning Ahead
    Any business without a comprehensive business plan is like a ship without a rudder. The captain of the business is the CEO or the manager. Development of a sound business plan gives you and your staff a map of the future and a way to arrive at your goals. Maintaining a sound understanding of where your business has been and where you are now will help to map out the future successfully.

    Hard Skills

    Interpersonal skills, self-confidence and a focus on the future will not get you far if you lack sound business skills. Successful managers either understand concepts such as accounting, promotion and competition, or are wise enough to surround themselves with people who do. Constantly educating yourself and keeping up with the latest developments in your field are critical activities if you hope to remain competitive.

    Taking Care of Yourself

    Success in business management is not likely, nor is it even desirable, if it comes at the cost of personal health and happiness. Maintaining personal time away from business, eating well, and getting sufficient physical exercise are all important elements in the balanced pursuit of business management success.

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