Vasan Eye Care has the biggest network of Eye Hospitals in the world. Vasan Eye Care is the largest eye care provider in the world. As the name suggest this Hospital is well know for the care it gives to its patients.

The important services offered by Vasan Eye Care Eye Hospital are

1. Refractive Surgery including ,

* Laser Vision Correction
* Intra Ocular Surgeries
* Implantable Contact Lens
* Refractive lens exchange

2. Corneal Transplantation including,

* Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
* Endothelial Keratoplasty

3. Glaucoma Disease Treatment

4. Retina Treatments including,

* Retinal Detachment
* Diabetic Retinopathy

5. Paediatric Ophthalmology for Children's Eye Problems

6. Squint Eye Treatments

7. Oculoplasty Surgery for rectification of problems with eyelids , tear ducts , orbits and all together we can say it is a reconstruction surgery of an eye.

8. Blepharoplasty Surgery rectification of problems with upper and lower eyelids.

9. Cataract Surgery

* Micro Incision Cataract Surgery
* Extracapsular cataract surgery

Vasan Eye Care Hospital is growing under the leadership of Chairman and Managing Director Dr A M Arun.

Vasan eye care
Contact Details:
Address :
Union club Rd.Karapuzha,Kottayam,,
City: Kottayam District: Kottayam
Country: India
Phone: 0481 2302830

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