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Thread: Totally frustrated with IE

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    I'm revamping my personal site. I searched carefully to find a nice cross-browser CSS on which to base the design. I implemented the HTML for the home page and then switched it to PHP. On W3C validators, the CSS validates, the HTML validates, the PHP validates.

    The page looks fine in last several versions of Firefox. It looks fine in Chrome. It looks fine is Safari. Things are a little off in Opera, but everything is usable. But it's garbage in IE7 and IE8. DIVs in the left column below the menu don't show up. The Valid HTML and Valid CSS icons pulled from W3C don't show up in the footer (that's pretty insulting isn' it!)

    I'm just so sick of having to do hacks to make IE work. For clients I have to jump thru the hoops to support IE. For my personal site I really REALLY hate the thought of having to waste time and use non-standards hacks to make the simple basics work in IE.
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