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Thread: SRK's apology not accepted by Salman

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    Default SRK's apology not accepted by Salman

    Seems like Salman Khan is in no mood to forgive and forget! After Shah Rukh Khan apologised to the Dabangg actor on Koffee With Karan, Salman is not ready to forgive King Khan, reported

    Bollywood's enfant terrible Salman, who is known to keep grudges against people for a long time, has not accepted SRK's apology.

    Salman believes that if SRK really wanted to apologise, he would've done that personally and not on television. "If Shahrukh wanted to say sorry, he should have called me or come to my place, he choose to say in public which I think is not proper. I know he will never say what happened that night," a source told reporters.

    Apparently, the feud started when SRK made a remark on Salman and Katrina which did not go down too well with Salman. Well, we hope that Salman eases his anger and lets go of the issue with magnanimity.

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    Hey Man ! I want to know that what is the issue between Salman and Sharukh Khan... Why the Sharukh Khan wants to apologies in the front of him.
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    SRK is the kind of person who is very diplomatic & Salman is very straight forward.I am here absolutely in support of Salman,because there is no need to say sorry on Television show.If you are really sorry then you should say it to him personally.He does it to show to the public how good he is.

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