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    Respiratory diseases are not to be just cured, but up rooted completely. Diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, wheezing etc. take your daily life off the track and puts you at the mercy of inhalers and bronchodilators. Breathe eazy offers long-lasting relief from respiratory ailments of all kinds. Rooted in the ancient science of Ayurveda, it is a unique product that makes life easy without having to carry inhalers around or abstain yourself from climbing stairs for the fear of losing breath.

    Today, pollution has become an inevitable fact of life. Breathing problems, Asthma,Running Nose, Cold, Allergic Cough, Sneezing ,etc. are more common now a days due to pollution. However,Pankajakasthuri offers you a sure remedy; Breathe Eazy, based on an age- old formula. By combining rare herbs and ingredients prescribed by the ancient ayurvedic texts.

    Breathing disorders occurs when the bronchioles in the lungs shrink (Bronchospasm ) and there by makes breathing difficult , Breathe eazy works on the shrunken bronchioles, expanding them ( Bronchodialation ),clearing phlegm(expectoration) and promoting uniform air passage in the lungs.

    Its unique and time tested traditional yet Ayurvedic formula harnesses phyto nutrients and antioxidants like xanthones which helps building immunity, thereby improving the ability to breathe well.

    Its regular use builds immunity against asthma, allergic bronchitis, eosinophlia, sneezing and chronic cough.

    Adult: 1 tablet after breakfast and 1 tablet after dinner

    Black Pepper,Indian Long Pepper,Dry Ginger,Cardamon Seeds,Cinnamon,Ashwaganda,Tamarind,Cumin Seeds,Bael,Arusa/Adulsa,Haritaki,Vibhitaki,Dusparsha,Manjishta,

    PET Bottle containing 60 tablets

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    I think breath problem is very serious problem. It week a man. But now a day there are many medicines for breath problem. I want to know one thing. If i want to cure my breath problem. what should i do? If you know this, please tell me. By the way, Thank you for your great post.

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    Water too needs purification system to provide us a healthy and safe glass of drinking water. I believe dust and rising pollution is the main reason for the rise in cases of asthma and breathing issues. By the time trees and other factors will control pollution, it will be a good way to buy air purifiers for home.
    Innovative and effective air purifiers have a filter that efficiently captures minute particles such as microbial spores, dust
    and pathogens from the air. The HEPA air purifier has following features

    5 Filter stages pre-filter
    Removes bacteria, smoke, dust, pollen and formaldehyde.
    Can cover a room area of 500 Sq. ft
    Aromatherapy option
    5 level fan speed
    Automatic mode
    4 Grade air quality light indicator

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