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Thread: 15 Useful Time Tracking Softwares

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    Default 15 Useful Time Tracking Softwares

    15 Useful Time Tracking Softwares

    1)Dovico Timesheet Tracking Software

    If you want a software that is able to handle multiple projects and cater to a variety of reports and formats, then this is the solution for you. It is a compatible with Windows applications like Microsoft Projects, Access and Excel and can be web-based as well. Best of all you will be able to receive reports that you need on a scheduled basis via email. Relatively inexpensive, a monthly subscription of $10 per user is adequate for you to enjoy this tool!


    This is a unique desktop solution that does not need any form of data entry to capture time-related data. The software automatically records time spent on documents, emails, web pages and other applications and even has the ability to export data into Microsoft Excel. A 30-day free demo is available. On the other hand, purchase of this software will cost $99 for a single user which entitles you to free software updates and technical support.


    Klok has a user friendly interface and is absolutely free! Although it has its limitations being in the beta stage, it works well on all platforms and can still be used for comprehensive time tracking.


    If you are someone who is constantly on the go then you may want to consider Rachota. It is one of the more versatile solutions and is portable since it runs from a USB drive. It is available in 11 different languages and is free. Need I say more?

    5)ClickTime Web Timesheet

    This is a web-based application with good compatibility to Mac, Windows and Linux. What is interesting is its Mobile Edition for PDAs & Smartphones for those who value mobility. Discounts for the start up fee are being offered if you sign up for two or more modules starting from $79. The subscription itself is less than $100/month.


    This free software is simple to use and its web-based features allows you to add tags to tasks to be shared with other co-workers. Although it may seem that it does not provide many features, this software can provide reports on time spent by co-workers on various tasks, export data to Excel format and send emails.

    7)Time Assistant

    This is a perfect tool for organizations with 15-200 persons to improve productivity. It allows you to manage working time of employees and calculate salaries based on personal timesheets. Time assistant is a web-based solution that provides a variety of features in reports, approval levels, personalization, languages, PDA support and many more.


    If automated approval routing and messaging is important to you then, TrackerSuite.Net web-based solution is the thing for you. It can be integrated with Microsoft Project and other TrackerSuite. Net modules and claims to be a “virtual office”. Use it, to believe it!


    With multi-language support, a highly intuitive GUI and capability to export to Microsoft Excel, this is one of the most versatile tools in the market which helps in time tracking, scheduling and resource management. Best of all is its integration with Google Maps, Google Search, LinkedIn and Facebook too.


    Easy and affordable, that is the best description for this software. Pay only $39 as a one-time payment for this time tracking software, and you will enjoy tracking in the form of a punch-clock, idle time detection, detailed text memos and custom reports for unlimited number of projects.


    For those who use Mac, TimeCache is the ultimate time billing software under Pandaware products. You can even purchase a cross platform license to use it for both Mac and Windows. Price is $70 per user and for the TimeCache Manager the license fee is $250.


    This tool is free for small project groups of less than 10 users. For a 20 user account, it costs $ 40/monthly while the online version is $55/monthly. It provides access controls for different level of users and assigns project teams. One of its specialties is the promise of branding opportunity with its highly customizable layout.

    13)Responsive Time Logger

    This is a tool that enables you to work fast by utilizing its many shortcuts such as pop-up calendar, pop-up clock, instant task switching, empty field warnings and memorized descriptors. There are also special time recording features mainly four separate stopwatches to customize billable time and expense recording, minimum duration, duration increment and interval description functions. Well, they don’t call it responsive time logger for nothing! The software costs $89 for 1 user license and can accommodate up to 100 users at a discounted rate of $ 2,999.

    14)Tenrox Timesheet

    With executive dashboards and analytics, this software is a solution for small and medium businesses and helps manage employee and payroll timesheets. It is a web based solution which can also help in accounting processes and costs $130 per license. Tenrox is compatible with most popular supporting programs such as QuickBooks, Sage, Ceridian, Paychex, Oracle, Salesforce and many more.


    This desktop application is a free download for Microsoft users and has a unique feature called a Stopwatch. The Stopwatch can either be displayed in other windows on the desktop or be hidden depending on your preference. This tool also helps you stay on track by providing reminders on deadlines.

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