What Saree to Wear For Your Body Type?

Saree is a beautiful clothing and with all those different types of sarees, you have got a plenty of options to choose from. However, not all sarees look good on everyone. You have to be very selective while buying sarees . You should always buy saree by keeping your weight, height, and skin complexion in consideration. The fabric and design of a saree has to be complementary to your body type. Here are some tips for wearing saree according to your body type.

Saree for Overweight Women

If you choose the right fabric and drape the saree in right manner, you can look far slimmer than your actual body size.

* Buy sarees made of lighter fabrics. Overweight women look good in Georgette sarees, chiffon sarees, crepe sarees and such other lightweight sarees. These sarees drape and fit close to your body and give you slimmer appearance

* Stiff cotton sarees will give you a heavier look. Try to avoid them. However, if you love handloom sarees made from cotton, buy those which are in light cotton or those which are mixed with other fabrics. Some sarees of south India like 'cotton silk sarees' will suit you more than the traditional heavy cotton sarees.

* Don't wear a saree made of heavy or glossy material.

* For plus size women, dark colors are good for not only sarees but for other clothings too.

* Learn how to wear saree properly because sarees unnecessarily tucked at various places give an untidy look apart from making you appear fat.

Saree for Slim Women

Embroidered sareeMost of the sarees including the You should wear those sarees that bring volume with them. However, they have to be worn gracefully without giving a clumsy look.

* Buy sarees that are made from heavier fabrics like brocade sarees, heavy silk sarees, cotton sarees etc.

* Heavily embellished sarees like rich embroidered sarees and more traditional kanjeevaram sarees will look good on you.

* Tissue sarees and organza sarees also give a fuller effect and are apt for slim women.

* If you are tall along with being slim, go for printed sarees that have big and attractive prints and motifs on them.

* If you are shorter in height, go for sarees that have small borders or no borders at all. Bigger borders will make you look shorter. Also opt for delicate small prints and stripes to give an impression of longer look.

* Light colored sarees, particularly pastel shades will suit your body type.

* Heavily embellished Lehenga style saris also go well with slim body type.