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Thread: John Abraham-Bipasha Basu parting ways?

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    Default John Abraham-Bipasha Basu parting ways?

    John Abraham and Bipasha Basu are bore of each others company and thus have decided to break up.
    Surprised! Well, that’s what the recent rumours suggest.
    The most interesting part is when the gossip mongers argue the reason behind such speculations. It is said that the reason behind the speculation is that they have not made any public appearances together for long time now. While, Bipasha has made very less public appearances, John has only been spotted in the events of his brand endorsements.
    Giving an answer to these rumours Bipasha Basu said that the new about their break up is not true and their relationship is going head strong. She added that they have been busy with their professional careers so much that they did not get much time to spend in each other company.
    But, the gossip mongers argue that this couple who has been together for eight long years were busy with their professional commitments earlier also, so what is wrong with them presently that they do not have time for each other anymore.
    Bipasha was seen solo at the birthday bash of actor Hrithik Roshan. She wanted John to accompany but the latter preferred to skip the party. The couple has been doing solo endorsements for sometime now. There are no more seen together in any advertisements too.
    But, Bipasha confirms that nothing is wrong, “all is going good.” Well, is it really going good or not will be revealed in the coming time. Till then you let us know what do you feel about John and Bipasha in the comment box below.

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    Actually, they both are looking good together. It looks like that the couple is made for each other.
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