Do you recognize a company simply by seeing their logo? Of course, we all do. Companies like Intel, Pepsi, IBM and many others have recognizable logo's or trademarks. A logo or trademark isn't noticeable simply because it looks good, they become instantly recognizable because we have been exposed to repetitive marketing. We see these trademarks so often that they have become comfortable. We know they represent long term strength in their market.

Multimedia business tools have to be one of the best ways to promote your website! A custom tool, Utility or game with your Company name or logo on it is a great way to promote your website. The more functional the tool, the more exposure you will receive. We create customized desktop tools, games and utilities that can be downloaded from your website or given as a gift to your customers or potential customers. Your Logo or Company name can be used as the desktop Icon.

An Email link and a link to your website can be built in to the tool. Your customers now see your company logo every time they use their computer. And they have easy access to your website and Email.

Promotional Tools are affordable. A one time fee for creation and customization covers the entire cost. You can freely copy the resulting file and distribute it to as many people as you would like.

Great for mail or Email campaigns. You can put the tool on a disk and mail to as many people as you like, or the tool can be sent as an attachment to an Email. The disk would make a great hand out at your store.

Items such as desktop alarm clocks, screensavers, MP3 players, games, desktop backgrounds and many others can be customized for you. Download the samples on the samples page and see for your self.

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