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    Dhathri Real Slim Oil
    - An Anti-cellulite Oil Clinically Tested & Proven 100% Herbal Ingredients
    Dhathri Real Slim Oil is a unique preparation emerging from ancient Ayurveda. Dhathri Real Slim Oil is formulated with rare Ayurvedic your body. Dhathri Real Slim Oil acts by reducing unwanted cellulite, tightening of slack tissues and reducing water retention. In addition to the lipolytic activity Dhathri Real Slim Oil makes the skin smooth and supple.

    Each 100ml of Real Slim Oil is prepared out of

    Devadaram (Cedrus deodara) :10g
    Kurkumthotty (Sida retusa) :10g
    Chittaratha (Alpinia galanga) :10g
    Kaduku (Brassica juncea) :10g
    Chukku (Zingiber officianale) :10g
    Jadamanji (Nardostachvs jatamansi):10g
    Manchatty (Rubia cordifolia) :3g
    Irittimadhuram (Glycyrrhiza glabra):3g
    Kolarakku (Coccus lacca) :10g
    Gulggulu (Comiflora mukul) : 10g
    Mathalam (Punica granatum) : 10g
    Karimgeerakam (Foeniculum vulgare) : 5g
    Lemon (Citrus aurantifolia) : 2g
    Sesame (Seasamum indicum) : 5g
    Inthuppu (Potassium chloride) : 15g
    Sathakuppa (Anethum graveolens) : 5g
    Karukapulu (Cynodon Dactylon) : 10g
    Castor Oil : 2ml
    Velichenna (Coconut Oil) : 100ml

    Sthaulyam, Anti Cellulite, anti-ageing, anti edematous, anti-inflammatory, analgesic property, Allergic skin diseases, reduces fat, skin glossy, skin become cool.

    Usage pattern:

    Ayurvedic proprietary medicine as directed by a physician. Massage Dhathri Real Slim Oil on your hips, thighs, upper arms & swelling areas for 15-20 minutes and allow it to remain for 30 minutes Cover the area with hot bag or towel for 10-15 minute. Apply oil twice a day. Exercise for better results. For measurable result: before applying oil

    a) You just measure the circumference of your fatty area, tummy, hips & arms
    b) Check your body weight

    Persons with ailments or other complications must apply the oil under proper medical advice and supervision

    Duration of treatment:
    Minimum three weeks
    Relief of clinical symptoms usually occurs within three weeks. Irregular use or premature discontinuation of treatment carries the risk of recurrence
    Result may vary from person to person.

    Route of administration:
    For external use only


    Any product can be sensitive or allergic to a sensitive skin. Test on small area of hand before using on body. If any irritations persist, stop usage and consult with our doctor. Avoid usage on wounds, cuts and injuries. Avoid contact with eye.

    Real Slim Oil Clinical Trial Data:

    Clinical trial data shows that 80% of the people fell real success of weight lose and inch lose after using Dhathri Real Slim Oil.

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    Sounds good that is a unique preparation emerging from ancient Ayurveda.

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    Well amazing it seems to be very good and i have heard lot of about this oil and this is very famous and i have also heard about this oil from many friends but it really works and it is extract of the different botanical plants.

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    i dont believe that a skin oil can help you looose weight for if the oil is applied it will not immerse more than the skin so how will it dilute away the fat in the body or in the organs or wherever which faar away from the skin.Think?

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