Medical Trust Hospital

Medical Trust, is considered to the synonymous to hospital in Kochi. Started in 1973, it is one of the largest hospital in Kerala in private sector, with more than 750 bed facility and over 1000 medical professionals working.

The accident care and cardiac surgery units are considered to one of the largest in South India

The hospital has following achievements as first

First Multi-organ Transplantation in the state and second in India
First Cardiac Transplantation in the state and third in India
First awake CABG in the state
First Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in India
First Accident care unit in private sector
First Reimplantation of severed limbs
First Successful Kidney Transplantation in the state
First Cadaver Kidney transplantation in the state
First to organise Multi super specialties in private sector
First to treat Patent Ductus Arteriosus without surgery (PDA coiling)
First to perform Renal Stenting
First to perform Haemoperfusion
First to start T.U.R.
First to start Thoracoscopic Lobar Resection of the lung
First to start Aneurysm & AVM (brain) surgery
First to start Skull base Surgery
First to start Odontoid screw fixation
First to start Trans-thoracic Spinal instrumentation
First to start Sternal split for Upper Dorsal lesions

The Medical Trust is also one of the Premier hospital in Medical tourism industry. The hospital runs a 24x7 unit in Cochin Airport.

The Hospital also has 3 academic units

1. Medical Trust Nursing College, located just 300 meters from Hospital near South Overbridge, that graduation and post-graduation courses

2. Medical Trust Institute of Medical Sciences, is an upcoming large Medical college, open to students by next year

3. College of Paramedics that offers specialized courses in Physiotherapy, Radiology, Hearing/Speech aids and Nuclear Medicine.

The Hospital also has its own R&D Division that pioneers in Surgical prodedures and holistic treatment.

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