Oriental Overseas Travel Mediclaim Insurance is available to Indian Citizen between 6 months and 70 years of age who are undertaking bonafide trips outside India which will not involve any form of manual work and do not exceed 180 days duration unless specifically extended.

The overseas mediclaim policy provides indemnity for expenses necessarily incurred for immediate treatment of illness, diseasescontracted or injury first sustained (during the period of insurance of overseas travel subject to policy terms and conditions.) and in addition also personal accident, total loss of checked baggage, delay of checked baggage, loss of passport and personal liability covers. (during the period of insurance of overseas travel subject to policy terms and conditions.)

Travelers aged 60-70 years should submit below medical reports to avail full medical coverage.

1. Urine Test
2. Fasting Blood Sugar
3. BP
4. Proposal form

In the abscence of medical reports, the coverage will reduce to $10,000 independent of the policy plan they purchase.

Oriental Overaseas Travel Insurance - Coverage Policy

Depending on the plan chosen, Oriental travel insurance policies covers the following risks in addition to the illness :

* Personal Accident Death cover
* Loss of checked in baggage
* Delayed baggage
* Loss of Passport
* Personal Liability
* Medical Expenses (Repatriation)
* Hospital daily cash allowance
* Hijack distress allowance
* Medical repatriation allowance

Hijack Distress Allowance :
US $ 125 per day (for every completed 24 Hours to a maximum benefit of US $ 1000, Deductible : 24 Hrs (1 day)

Hospital Daily Cash Allowance :
US $ 20 per day (for every completed 24 Hours to a maximum benefit of US $ 200, Deductible : 24 Hrs (1 day)

Trip Delay Allowance :
US $ 25 per day (for every completed 24 Hours to a maximum benefit of US $ 250, deductible : 12 Hours

Oriental Travel Medical Insurance - Main Exclusions

1. No Claim will be paid where the Insured person is travelling against the advice of a physician or for specified medical treatment declared in the physician’s report certificate or for the purpose of obtaining treatment or has received a terminal prognosis for a medical condition.
2. Claims arising from suicide attempted suicide or wilfully self inflicted injury or illness, mental disorder, anxiety, strees or depression, venereal disease, alcoholism, abuse of drugs, liability attributable to HIV and/or any HIV related illness including AIDS.
3. Claims arising from the Insured person taking part in Naval, Military or Airforce operations.
4. Claims arising from War, Invasion, Civil War Liability
5. Claims arising from the loss or damage to any property resulting from the hazardous properties of radioactive or nuclear material or pollutants or any consequential loss.
6. No claim will be paid which arises from the Insured person engaging in Air Travel unless flies as a passenger on the aircraft properly licensed to carry passengers.
7. Claims arising from participation in Winter Sports, mountaineering, racing, skew diving and other hazardous sports.
8. Claims arising from 2 wheeled motor vehicle accidents unless the driver is fully qualified and is in possession of a current full international driving license and is wearing a safety crash helmet.
9. Claims arising from hazardous occupation, self exposure to needless peril or any criminal or illegal act.

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