Educational Philosophy:

Education is a four-way process involving the child, the teacher, the parents and the school. Our aim is to create a child-centred environment and to provide a wide variety of enjoyable experiences for the children. A good balance between basic and necessary communicative skills, arts, sciences and physical education is stressed which, we believe, permits participants to reach their greatest potential. A positive self-image is fostered which helps the children to become independent, self-directed, curious, critical and responsible members of society.

Every child is provided with opportunities to learn and play in a supportive atmosphere. A wide range of materials and learning experiences is provided along with enrichment activities such as Music, Art, Drama, Cooking . These experiences are designed to stretch and challenge the children mentally, physically and emotionally: however, children are not hurried into activities for which they are not ready. Healthy, emotional development is also stressed so that children can learn to recognize, accept and express emotions and to give, share and receive attention.

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