“Achieving stardom in a single film is not my aim. I am measuring my steps and would like to be appreciated as an actress who could do any kind of roles with ease,” says Poorna.

The ‘Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondram Aandu’ girl, who was later seen in ‘Kandhakottai’ and ‘Drohi’, says, “I am young. So I am in no hurry. Slow and steady will always win the race. Wait and see.”

Eagerly expecting the release of ‘Aadu Puli’, in which she has acted opposite Aadhi, Poorna says, “Any single person can’t be blamed or credited behind the success or failure of a film. So I can’t be blamed for the flop show of my movies.”

On ‘Aadu Puli’, she says, “The film is full of energy. Adding to the script is performance by seasoned artistes like Prabhu and K R Vijaya among others. Aadhi is very co-operative. And my role gave me enough scope to perform.”

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