Using a splash of lemon juice to zest up a recipe is very common. Storing fresh lemon juice eliminates the need for storing fresh lemon and squeezing them every now and then for various recipes. Learn how to store fresh lemon juice and use them conveniently in cooking.

Materials Required

Ice Tray
Airtight Bottle
Metal Strainer
Citrus Juicer (Optional)
Kitchen Funnel
Zip lock Poly bag

Wash lemons and soak them in water overnight. Soaking lemon makes it easy to squeeze and also makes the lemon juicier.

Cut the lemons into two equal halves by placing on a cutting board.

Squeeze out the juice of lemon into a container, alternatively you can use citrus juicer to extract the juice.

Filter the lemon juice using a strainer to discard seeds because the seeds will make the juice bitter within a couple of hours.

Use a funnel for pour the juice in a bottle and place it inside the refrigerator to be used for 3-4 days. Storing in bottle will facilitate controlled pouring out for using the lemon juice in recipes.

Alternatively, take an ice tray and fill it with fresh lemon juice and freeze it. When frozen remove from the tray and store the lemon juice cubes in a zip lock poly bag and place it in the freezer.

Frozen fresh lime juice can be stored for months without spoiling.

Use stored fresh lemon juice cubes to thaw them in recipes even when fresh lemons are not available.

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