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    * Keep an eye out for all the garage sales and clearance sales. These have some great antique and vintage products available at killer prices. Keep out a wary eye for any damage whatsoever or else repairing the damage will cost you a fortune. A chipped paint or a peeled out seat cover is not a problem though. You can paint the furniture yourself and adorn it with the variety of cushion covers available in the market.

    * Plastic furniture sets are both weather resistant and inexpensive at the same time. These are easy to maintain and come in a wide range of colours and fashion. They may not look very classy and sophisticated at first but a bunch of hand woven cushions thrown in along with some good upholstery and voila! Your garden is ready for guests!

    * If you are looking for good and inexpensive outdoor furniture then wrought iron and cast iron furniture should top your list. These come in funky shapes and designs and look modern and classy at the same time. With the material being rust resistant, these furniture pieces are also hassle-free.

    * A wicker sofa set, amidst your garden or on the patio, exuberates an elegant aura and an old world charm. These furniture sets come in rich chocolate or beige colour and need heavy maintenance. But a little extra maintenance is manageable when style and elegance is delivered to you at such low prices.

    * As mentioned earlier, bamboo chairs and tables are very cheap and durable options. Bamboo furniture sets come in various shapes and sizes. Buying these from a local artisan is an act of good deed for them while secretly you get the best deal with respect to costs, designs and durability it makes your patio look cosy and comfortable too at the same time. Adding a hammock accentuates the warm, cosy and homely feeling that a bamboo set of furniture brings with it. Cushions of different colours can be used to add more life and vibrancy to the decor.

    Outdoor furniture sets the mood of the house. It is like an introduction to the interior decoration of the home. While choosing your outdoor furniture, always bear in mind that the patio furniture prepares the guest to expect what follows inside. So having antique wooden furniture inside your house and a plastic set of chairs outside is not the best option. Visualise the decor that you are looking for and begin with your search to complete the theme that you have in mind!

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    Great information.Best outdoor furniture are Bar stools and Bean bags, this will be loved by all.

    Bar stools , Hammocks

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