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    March 8th Commemorates Womens Rights and Peace:

    International Womens Day is an occasion and celebrated on 8 March all over the world. Women’s Day date (8 March) is also venerated at the United Nations and is designated in many countries as a national holiday. Women from all continents often segregated by linguistic, cultural, ethnic, financial and political distinctions. Women have been started at least ten decades of struggle for social equality, social justice, peace and development.


    The history of International Womens Day is the event originated in 1908. In New York, women garment makers proved to demand better working conditions in the company. The Women has worked in very bad conditions and also earned half of men's wages. They died too early from deprived health. They did not have the right to vote.

    In 1910, an international conference of women determined that each year a day should be set aside to press for women's demands. International Womens Day stands for equality between women and men.

    At this time in England, women were demanded the right to vote. They stands for their slogan "Give Women the Vote" to struggle for women to obtain social equalities.

    So International Women’s Day is remembered the battles for a long fought to build a society that is fair to all its members in a society in which diversity, tolerance, safety, social justice and social equality between women and men. And Women celebrated what they have done and are can do.

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