, marriages, separation and divorce have become common phenomenons these days. Rather divorce rates have increased at a much faster pace than marriages and relationships. Divorces which was common in the US has now become common even in India. The fast westernizing Indian society, is also witnessing increasing divorce rates. According to one of the researchers, the rate started increasing after second world war and since then it has not come under control.

Reasons of Increasing divorce rates -

1.Individualism – Now every person is a strong individual, who is very selfish about his happiness. Relationships have also become a commodity of happiness, which when becomes demanding is left easily. Relationships are not being accepted with it's faults. Individualism have made people very self centered. Earlier, relationship was not one to one affair, it was with the consent of the society and was a societal union. Now, no one is bound by society and thus, quitting a relationship or marriage becomes very easy.

2.Materialistic Living - Now living is materialistic. Everything for the sake of money. Less money, less enjoyment, less fulfillment of wishes, are enough reasons for a divorce. With growing job opportunities, fulfilling materialistic needs is not difficult and thus, to leave a relationship and move on to quench that thirst is a easy. There is no limit of being successful and anything which disturbs it has to move out of the way, even if it leads to increased divorce rates.

3.Lack Of Commitment – Commitment is a forgotten term. Earlier, commitment had value and it meant that two people will stay with and for each other in every situation. Today, commitment in a relationship ends with the promise of marriage and is fulfilled with the utterance of the word 'I Do'. Actual test of commitment beings after marriage, but that is not believed now and thus, partners take separate ways.

4.Teenage Affairs – With fast rising teenage affairs, individuals loose their trust on relationship at a much earlier age. Teenage affairs does not work and this leads to faulty decisions later in life .

5.Parent Influence – Children with divorced parents who witness relationship troubles since childhood, create a distaste and disrespect for relationships and the trust that relationships could be successful is lost since the very beginning. Parental influence on the reason of increasing divorce rates cannot be ignored.

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