The relationship between the mother in law and daughter In Law, has always been an interesting topic of debate. On the well being of this relationship depends the peace and harmony of the house. It has generally been seen that this relationship is often not a pleasant one. There is always a cold war and mostly the reason is comparison. Researchers say that the problem is because there are two women fighting for power and position.

In most cases the mother-in-law is the one who is made to be seen like the vamp of the story and the daughter-in-law the suffer. But in a relationship, only one cannot be blamed for all the problem. Daughter-in-law, is equally responsible. When a girl gets married and comes to a new house, it is a completely different set up for her. From people, to rules, to whereabouts of the house, it's all new and her best guide is her mother-in-law. To maintain a good relationship with her is the mantra to a happy household. So, here are tips to become a perfect daughter-in-law -

1.Don't Compete The problem mostly in love marriage is that the wife does not want to share her husband with his mother. The solution for this is to not compete. Like a woman, man also plays different roles, two of which are of a husband to his wife and son to his mother. He loves both equally and deserves to do so. No amount of effort can make him love one more, thus, the competition is useless and all it brings is unrest in the family. Thus, the fist step to a become a perfect daughter-in-law is to not compete with mother-in-law.

2.Be A Friend After getting married, when you have come to your new house, your in laws are like your parents. The tip of be a perfect daughter-in-law is to be the first to break the ice. Make your mother-in-law your friend. This will help you talk out all the troubles, worries, doubts and denial to her openly. An open discussion always brings on a solution.

3.Give Respect No matter how modern we are in our thoughts and look out, respect for elders should never change. To listen to elders instructions, to take their blessing and their approvals for every decision is still valued. One of the best tip to get all the respect and love from your in laws is to respect their position and age.

4.Give Them Priority Remember you are the new member of the family. Thus, even your position in the house is secondary. To prove yourself as a perfect daughter-in-law, one needs to give her in laws the first priority. This is also a way of showing respect towards them. This enhances respect for you as well in the family.

5.Be Yourself The last but not the least is to be yourself. Don't act to be what you are not. Your relationship with them is for a lifetime and thus, it's best to be yourself. To be good does not mean to compromise but the mantra is to be understanding.

Follow these tips to be a perfect daughter-in-law, to ensure a a happy family life.

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