Language: Malayalam
Heroes: Kunjakko Boban, Prithviraj
Director: Kamal
Music: Mohan Sithara

This is a different film by Kamal. It’s different just because it’s not the same what we see in every mallu movie. The film’s main highlight was the songs picturized at Vienna. The songs were inspired from western music. It invoved three glamour guys Kunchacko, Prithvi and Jayasoorya and two glamour gals Meera and Bhavana. The whole film was with youngsters and for youngsters.

Three guys with different attitudes are students in a catering college. Alex ( prithiviraj) a toughie, Deepak Narayanan is Kunchacko a softie and Jayasoorya is Moorthy a comic guy. These guys come to stay in Kalaranjini’s house as paying guests. The house has two sisters- Meera and Bhavana as residents. Predictably the guys who even otherwise are skirt chasers fall for the ladies. Jayasoorya after his antics ends up as ‘rakhi’ brother to the girls. Boban is not able to say his love out to Meera who sells flowers. Meera who first thought of Prithivraj as a bad guy and could not stand him starts loving him. Prithivi in turn starts falling for her charm. Now it’s the turn of Prithivi and Boban to fall out. Jayasoorya unites the friends and Boban in a surprise element gets Laila who pops up suddenly.

Even though there were five main characters, the one who scored the most is again Meera. She also looked very beautiful in the film. Even though the film’s proclaimed highlight was the outdoor songs shot at Vienna, what really scored was the indoor shooting of ‘Ishtamallada’. The song picturization was outstanding (Thanks to Kamal). Meera’s facial expression and lip movement was so close that it was difficult to believe that it was sung by a play back singer (The singer Chitra Iyer gave all the credits to Meera Jasmine. She said that says that it was the involvement with which Meera emoted for the song that made the song such a big hit!).