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    Walls can embrace your soul with its colours and comfort while you spend some divine moments at home. And it is here where the role of wall décor comes in. When you want to decorate your home, make sure that you have the right colour schemes and the right accessories for your walls.

    Wall hanging décor includes several items that can change the way your walls look. and is a very innovative home décor accessory that gives a stunning effect to your otherwise dull and mundane wall and your room.

    Dried Flower Wall Hanging

    Materials :
    Thermocol or plastic tray
    Dried Flowers (any small flower)
    Sketch pen /marker
    Glitters or sparkles different colours
    Glue (Fevicol)

    Method :

    This dried flower design is so simple that even kids can do it easily. For making this design take a piece of thermocol or any plastic tray. Here we have used a thermocol tray we get with fruits packed from shops. The tray is kept upside down. Draw border lines with marker (here an orange and green line)and put dots with sketch pen or sparkles.

    Drying Flowers:

    Take a paper and place the fresh flowers on it and cover with them another paper. Then iron it on top with an iron box. Your dried flowers are ready. Apply glue on the dried flowers with a brush and stick them on the thermocol sheet aesthetically to form a nice design. Make two holes on the top of the tray. Pass a thick thread through the hole and make a loop and hang it on the wall.

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    nice work.

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