Akshay Kumar and Anees Bazmee would be reuniting for the third time after ‘Welcome and ‘Singh Is Kinng’ and one could well be expecting a hat trick from the duo with ‘Thank You’. Given the kind of sensibilities that Anees Bazmee has as a director, one can well expect him to have worked on Akshay’s characterisation to make it an out-and-out mass friendly film.

“Well, ‘The talented Mr Bazmee – the King of commercial cinema’ knows exactly how, what, when and why, when it comes to entertaining the masses. He is so far away from the claws of the industry that he breathes only to please India’s masses. He never mixes with anyone but his audience and his family and I love that about him,” says Akshay who is obviously mighty impressed with the product he has in hand here.

“The way he has made my character is too good. Seriously, I can’t tell you how brilliant he has made this movie fit like a glove in hand,” he smiles, “Mr. Bazmee is a man’s director. His sensibilities and comic timing are outstanding in the cinema world.”

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