Besides the usual hygiene rituals, there are certain things one must follow in summers.

1. Apply anti-fungal powder after bathing to prevent bacterial growth.

2. Make sure you use antiperspirants to control or dry persipiration. Hyperhidrosis can be cured through botox treatment which is available almost everywhere. One can consult a dermatologist for the same.

3. Cleaning yourself just to put on dirty clothes is not acceptable. All the clothes you put on should be clean regardless of whether it shows to the public or not. Undergarments need to be as clean as your outer garments.

4. Wash clothing and linens on a regular basis. Try to change your linens regularly. Germs and bacteria fester in the dirty clothes basket. Stay on a weekly cleaning schedule.

5. Be aware of what to wear and make sure that anything that touches the vaginal area is clean. Stick to cotton underwear.

6. Underwear should be changed daily and after it becomes soiled or wet. It should also be absorbent and well ventilated. Tight or nylon underwear or pantyhose cause greater perspiration, which can allow bacteria to grow.

7. Sitting around in a wet bathing suit will also contribute to bacteria growth. Dry yourself as soon as you are out of the pool.

8. Towels should not be shared because they can pass along bacteria to other people.

Taking these precautions can help lower the risk of infection and keep the genitals healthy.

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