Actress Shruti Haasan is said to have fallen for the charms of Siddharth, it is rumoured in hushed tones in Tollywood circles. Kamal Haasan’s elder daughter is presently starring in her second film in Telugu opposite Siddharth.

Tollywood sources say that the fact that they have been paired again despite the failure of Shruti’s debut film in Telugu opposite Siddharth ‘means’ a lot. Siddharth, who recently divorced his wife, hasn’t yet gone public about the reported affair. Shruti too, on her part, neither denied nor accepted the existence of such an ‘affair’. Shruti is presently working round-the-clock for A.R. Murugadoss’ ‘Ezhaam Arivu’ opposite Suriya which would mark her debut in Kollywood as a heroine.

The Telugu press is full of news items about the duo of Siddharth and Shruti and reports say that Siddharth looks like ‘serious’ about Shruti. It is also reported that the couple is spotted together quite often at different places. When asked about this, Shruti merely says, “Siddharth has been a good co-star with whom I’m doing my second Telugu filmon the trot.

“Though the first film didn’t do well, our pairing was appreciated and that’s the reason I believe that our pairing has been repeated again. I think rumours have started floating only because of this. I’m not unduly perturbed by such rumours. All I can say is that Siddharth is just a close friend of mine. It is also said that I have made Mumbai my home.

“Despite the no-show of my first Hindi film ‘Luck’, people in Mumbai have accepted me as an actress, which I feel is quite significant to me in my career. In a month, I stay for 10 days in Mumbai and spend the rest in Chennai. As such, I haven’t yet settled in Mumbai,” clarifies Shruti.

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