You can be putting it together like a pro if you spend some time with our Shirt and Tie Matching game after referring to these following tips:

Look at in-store and window displays for guidance.

Train your eye by being conscious of shirt and tie combinations you see men wearing in the media and in your business life.

Make sure the shirt and tie have at least one of the same color.

Unless you are going for the Soprano look, the tie colors should be darker than the shirt.

Try not to match patterns of the same size or type. For example, with a wide-stripe shirt try a small repeat pattern like a pin dot or all-over novelty print.

You can put a stripe tie with a stripe shirt but, once again, vary the scale: a pin stripe shirt with a wide rep stripe tie is a good match.

Bold patterns should be paired with quieter ones: a bold plaid shirt with a subtly colored oriental print tie, for example.

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