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    Mentioned below is the list of few popular 3D software with which you can create the magic. Few of these software are for advanced professionals which you would be able to use if you have been familiar with more similar software. The 3D software don't come for a reasonable cost, if I were to think from a user's point of view. They are really very expensive and If you were to buy them, it would largely depend upon your purpose.

    Needless to say anything about it. It is one of the most popular and the most desirable software if you really want to make it big in the field of 3D animation. Even those who are not from the animation field, would know about it. It is truly remarkable and a thoroughly professional software for 3D artists. No wonder why it is increasingly being used for film making. The more you spend time on it, the less it is. It gives you immense power and options to hone your imagination and run it as wild as you can. It can surely be the best 3D software for Mac and PC, both.

    3D Studio Max
    Another most used software for 3D after Maya. Used best for 3D imaging, 3D Studio Max is not only exceptional for animation but it is also used for architectural imaging and modeling. Probably one of the best 3D software for architecture. Because of its architectural use, it can also prove to be one of the best 3D software for interior design too. It is also being used for game developments, with some out of the box tools. Probably the only drawback it may have is that, the makers of 3D Studio Max haven't yet got a version for Mac users.

    Lightwave 3D
    The Lightwave 3D software from NewTek, is another excellent tool for 3D animation. Once you start getting your hands on it, it promises to bring out the most desirable and satisfactory results. Of course, all of it will come will a lot of practice. The more time you'll spend on it, the more you'll learn and will ultimately it will show in your work.

    Maxon Cinema 4D
    This 3D software available for both Mac and PC, is another professional software for advanced animators. What makes this software outstanding is customized and pre-set layouts, an array of advanced animation options and tools, and also the best being its ability to swiftly switch between modeling, animation and painting layouts.

    The best part about this software is that it is free. Can be used for making some dramatic cartoons. I would say the best 3D software for beginners, it can be good for getting their hands onto a 3D software. Best to make use of this open source.

    To sum it up all, it is easy to get the best 3D software. If you've got cash, then you may also prefer to get the most expensive one. But then as a matter of fact, no matter how much you invest, ultimately your work will decide the price. If you want to do some basic animation, then it is suggested not to go for the expensive software, rather pick up something for beginners, and if need be you can always upgrade.

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    thanks a lot

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    best 3d software is maya. this is used for designing purpose

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