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Thread: evil diabolical space waster

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    Default evil diabolical space waster

    Somehow, something is taking up space in my bizhat account without my knowledge. Several times I have FTPed into my account and seen that I am using 99% of the space available. So I went and deleted something, reducing the usage to 93 or 94 %. Later I can see the space usage increasing, with no action from me, until it becomes 99% once again. I have observed this several times, using both FileZilla and SmartFTP. (Not to mention that the upgrade I supposedly got a week ago doesn't seem to have actually happened.)

    Admin? Somebody? Help!

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    It's been about a week, and none of my problems have been solved. My faith in bizhat is rapidly eroding. It's not worthwhile to stay with a host where my space gets mysteriously taken up, upgrades don't work, and I get no help when I ask for it. Has anyone else had any similar problem? Can we get someone in authority to look into it?

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    someone must hack into your account

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    OK, maybe someone did hack into my account. Is this someone making it so that hidden files take up all available space? Is this someone also making it so my total space is still 50 MB instead of the 60 MB it should be? None of my old files have been touched, except by me. Very strange.

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    I read about something like this in my newspaper. It reported that with newer technologies, hackers have been able to hack just about anything even the most secure networks. The article had a man who had over 500 GBs of personal files on a supoosedly 5 star security network and they were all deleted in one night. You were probably hacked unless you accidently let your account info slip to someone.

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    OK, if someone hacked into my account, what was his purpose? To test whether he could take up my space without my knowledge? Is there anything that can be done? Should I look into a new account?


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