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Thread: i need help here

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    Default i need help here

    hello everybody.
    i installed phpnuke a while ago and everything worked just fine.
    Now it won't accept any new users. my phpnuke is rejecting everybody sayn' :
    You are trying to access a restricted area.

    We are Sorry, but this section of our site is for Registered Users Only.

    You can register for free by clicking here, then you can
    access this section without restrictions. Thanks.

    How can i repair this. i really need this to work. Future users are waiting for me to work this out.
    Please help

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    Default actualy ...

    actualy ... my reply do not answer the question
    but man , dont U have some backups of your database ?
    if U do not ...
    than If U repair your site ( or install a new one)
    do backups , as often as u can ... (do not be paranoic) ...
    but after every change ...big change i mean ..
    and from time to time .. too
    that U will be more safe ...
    and if your site did not work again ... cos U do some mistake ...cos someone hack U ... cos some bugs in code ... U will be abel to restore it !

    I use phpmyadmin to create MySQL backups ...


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