Travelers who are visiting foreign countries and require medical coverage can purchase Cholamandalam overseas travel insurance plan. Chola travel insurance plans are available with a wide range of coverage for risks encountered by the travelers while abroad. There are different plans in Cholamandalam travel insurance which enables the travelers to get covered under the right plan that suits their requirements best. Select the plan of your choice under Chola travel insurance and enjoy your travel peacefully least worried about expensive health care scenarios.

Chola travel insurance is available for $50,000 coverage, $1000,000 coverage and $250,000 coverage. Travelers traveling overseas can opt for flexible chola travel plans as per their travel destination. Chola travel insurance offers travel insurance for continuous 360 years at one stretch for a selected age group. Pay for only the number of days you need cholamandalam overseas travel insurance. Buy online chola travel insurance through varioous modes of payments and get complete coverage benefits without any medical sublimits. Chola travel medical insurance covers pre-existing conditions under life saving unforseen situations.

Note: For Travelers 65-70 years, the Medical tests to be conducted are as follows:

* CBC Complete blood count
* FBS Fasting blood Sugar
* ECG - Electrocardiography
* SGOT - Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase
* Serum Creatinine
* Total Cholesterol
* Medical Examination Report Has to be done by an MD certified physician.

Chola Overseas Mediclaim Insurance Advantages

* Eligible age & trip duration
o 3 months to 60 years: up to 360 days
o 61 - 70 years: up to 180 days
o Extension option of 180 days
* Chola travel insurance has no medical expenses sub limits till the age of 70. (Comprehensive plans)
* Cashless outpatient bill settlement for more than $400 if intimated to TPA before
* Per day rates - Pay only for the number of days you want insurance coverage
* Asia Pacific includes : Australia, New Zealand & Asia(except Japan)
* No medical check-up up to 65 years

* Door-to-door Cover You are covered from the time you leave home, right up to the time you return back. This includes any eventuality that may occur on the way from your home to the airport while leaving for the trip, or from the airport to home on the return trip.

* Adventure Sports Cover Make the fullest of your holiday by enjoying the thrills of adventure sports too!! For just a nominal additional premium you can get yourself covered against any eventualities arising from any adventure sports that you may want to try your hand.

* Multi-Purpose Cover Addresses all needs - be it a trip for holiday or for business or for any other personal reasons.

* Individual cover for your family members You can get the Chola MS travel insurance cover for right from your young kids (as young as 3 months) to the elders in your family (as old as 80 years) under this policy. No medical check-up is required for people up to 65 years of age.

* Senior Citizens Cover The elderly members of your family can be covered under the Chola MS Senior Citizen Travel Insurance package.

* Pay as per your requirement Chola travel insurance has plans for per-day rate, which means that you pay for the exact duration of your trip, and do not waste money paying on any slab-based premium rate.

* Pre-existing conditions covered under life-saving unforeseen emergency measures Chola travel insurance provides cover for any eventuality arising from a pre-existing condition. This is a unique feature of the Chola Travel Insurance.

* Chola Travel Insurance - Plan Options
Silver Cover: A simple cost-effective plan
Gold Cover: A comprehensive, value for money offering

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