Equity Market Performance is affected by many variables like Economic condition, Liquidity, Corporate Performance, Global Markets etc. Thus you are not sure what returns you will get on your hard earned money.

SBI Life realises the same and brings to you ‘Smart Wealth Assure’ which takes care of all these variables and gives you ‘Peace of Mind’ by providing a Minimum NAV Guarantee Plus Upside, if any. SBI Life - Smart Wealth Assure is a unit Linked non participating Life Insurance Plan. The Plan is further fortified with many power packed features which takes care of your financial needs.

Key Features:

• Option to choose a mix of funds providing Guaranteed Return and Market Linked Returns
• Guaranteed Return provided through Return Guarantee Fund (RGF) which guarantees a Minimum Pre-specified NAV, subject to conditions**
• Apart from minimum guarantee, any upside in the RGF will also be paid to You…
• Market Linked Returns provided through 3 funds – Bond Fund, Equity Fund & P/E Managed Fund to give you the best possible returns
• Pay only once and get the benefits throughout the Policy Term
• Liquidity through Partial Withdrawal(s)
• An excellent investment cum insurance plan
• Attractive Tax benefits^ under the Income Tax Act, 1961, subject to conditions


Maturity Benefit: On completion of Policy Term, Fund Value will be paid. If the policy term is such that the maturity date is the same as the termination date of RGF, then the fund value at maturity will be:
• Fund value at the prevailing NAV as on date of Maturity for funds other than RGF


• Higher of the Fund value at the minimum pre-specified guaranteed NAV or at the prevailing NAV for the RGF.

If the policy term is such that the maturity date is later than the termination date of RGF, the maturity value is the total Fund value at maturity.

Death Benefit: Higher of Fund Value or Sum Assured##is payable; with a minimum of 105% of Single premium paid##.

Accidental Death Benefit: Provides additional death benefit if the death occurs as a result of an accident.

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