The Sahara Pariwar, popularly known as the world's largest 'family' with diversified business interests, is a recent entrant in the field of life insurance. Its insurance company - Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd. was granted license by the insurance regulator - the IRDA, on 6 February 2004. With this approval, Sahara Life Insurance becomes the first wholly Indian-owned company in the Indian life insurance market without any collaboration with the organizations abroad. The paid up capital of the insurance company at the time of its commencement was Rs 157 Crore. The Chairman of Sahara Pariwar, Subrata Roy Sahara, is also the chairperson of Sahara Life Insurance Company limited.

The insurance plans offered by Sahara India Life Insurance Company Limited are unique in their own terms. The company offers both individual and group insurance products. Through the different insurance plans, the company aims to cater to the different needs of the Indian society. For instance, the Sahara Jan Kalyan group scheme is formulated to address the life insurance needs of the financially weaker sections of the Indian population. One of the highlighting points of the scheme is accident benefit.

Apart from the working and the dependent population, the insurance plans formulated by Sahara India Life Insurance Company Limited are beneficial for the retired people as well. The pension plans of the company (such as Sahara Amar Jeevan) help the policy holder to live a frivolous and relaxed life after retirement. As per the plan, the person holding the policy is subjected to do monetary savings in little amounts per month. Talking about the individual plans, Sahara Sanchay - R scheme and Sahara Samarth are also beneficial in many ways.

Insurance Plans


  • Sahara Ankur

Endowment Assurance

  • Sahara Nidhi
  • Sahara Sahyog

Money Back Policy

  • Sahara Sampann
  • Sahara Samriddhi

Term Assurance

  • Sahara Kavach

Pension Plans

  • Sahara Swabhimaan
  • Sahara Amar Jeevan

Unit Linked Plans

  • Sahara Sanchay - R
  • Sahara Samarth

Group Insurance

  • Sahara Samooh Samyojana
  • Sahara Jamakarta Samooh Bima
  • Sahara Samooh Suraksha
  • Sahara Jan Kalyan

Sahara India Life Insurance Co. Ltd.,
Sahara India Bhawan
1, Kapoorthala Complex
Lucknow- 226 024

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