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Thread: How can I stop Avast Anti-Virus from saying "Threat Has Been Detected"?

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    Default How can I stop Avast Anti-Virus from saying "Threat Has Been Detected"?

    My web-browsing suggests that the program is blocking the threats, so I don't need to take further action, but the constant alarm is driving me nuts. I don't want to mute all the system sounds. What should I do? It's the only free anti-virus software which the university offers.

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    Go to settings>notifications, or something along those lines. You can disable sounds and/or notifications. I feel that you should get to the root of the problem, and figure out what is causing the notification. Is it a site you are visiting? Is it a program you run? If so, you may want to consider staying away from what triggers it; for your own safety, as Anti Virus programs are not gods, nor are they iron walls.

    You can also avail yourself of several other Free Anti Virus programs such as AVG Free Edition or
    Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Take care, keep your comp safe
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