Looks like Bollywood stars other than Salman Khan have also started to keep a keen note on South releases! Recently Stunt Star watched ‘Ko’, a Tamil film by KV Anand at a special screening in Mumbai. The actor was so gung ho about the film that he decided to buy the remake rights of ‘Ko’ for Hindi.

Sources shared that Akki had immediately called up KV and congratulated him on making such a good movie!

For the records, ‘Ko’ stars Jeeva, Karthika and Ajmal in lead and the film revolves around Jeeva a photojournalist of a newspaper and shows how the press works.

Akki was truly awed the way KV had portrayed the photojournalist in the movie with affecting the commercial factors of the film.

Now sources said that Akshay might produce the film under Hari Om Movies, and wants his dear friend, Anthony D’Souza to direct the flick. Akshay had earlier worked with Anthony for ‘Blue,’ the multi-starrer movie.

Of late, the big screens are waiting to see many remakes. Let’s see how this Akshay’s remake comes out. And if all goes well, we will get to see him in a journo’s avatar…

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