Small business itself grows out of your own little savings and bank loans and this does not give you any margin of having a loss instead of a profit. If it may happen so, then, there must be some big mistakes that you might be doing and you are overlooking them. Here are the three biggest mistakes out of which one might be your reason of possible downfall.

The most common and biggest mistake, which most businessmen commit while starting off with a small business, is, offering sales on those products, which do not leave you much margin for profit. You just put everything on sale including those products, which would be profitable for you while selling them otherwise.

Another mistake at your end may be that, you might be giving your customers an over edge in terms of payments. You might be doing it in the favor of your own companyís reputation but it gets against you eventually. You end up with keep reminding your customers about the payments to be made but who remembers then about the payment or deal. It may not be true for every customer, as some may actually be facing a cash flow.

Last but not the least, if you are the one who would be facing the cash flow then, do not hesitate for demanding cash from your credit line. Your credit line is meant for it, thatís why, donít think much and make use of it at the right time. So, if you get successful in avoiding such mistakes in your small business, nothing would stop you from reaching the heights of success.

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