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Thread: Elizabeth Taylor's love letters to be auctioned

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    MIAMI: More than 60 love letters that screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) wrote in 1949 to a young Miami Beach millionaire with whom she was deeply in love will be auctioned online next week.

    The love letters are ones that Taylor wrote at barely age 17 to 28-year-old William Pawley, the son of millionaire William Pawley Sr., in whose luxury Miami Beach home she and her mother stayed one year while on vacation.

    In the letters that she wrote after her return home, the actress expressed her love for the engaged Pawley Jr., who is now 90-years old and lives in the South Florida neighborhood of Pembroke Pines and with whom she shared her dreams and adolescent romantic illusions.

    She wrote that she received his letter about returning a ring and bracelet to New York in September 1949, when the relationship seemed to be coming to an end.

    The 66 letters from Taylor and another 20 from her mother will be auctioned between May 12-19 by RR Auction, which obtained the collection from Pawley two years ago and expects that they will fetch a sales price of some $30,000.

    In another of the letters, the actress expressed her wish to her young boyfriend that "I just want to be your wife for the rest of my life", according to the information provided by RR Auction.

    Apparently, Pawley was jealous of Taylor, who had appeared in some newspaper photographs with other men, and so he decided to break off his relationship with her.

    Taylor died last March at age 79 in Los Angeles.

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    She is really a legend the Hollywood.If the love letters written by her can be auctioned then think how people loves her.
    I would really like to admire her.She is really great!

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