Cholamandalam student medical insurance is one of the affordable and effective student health insurance plans in India. Students who are travelling abroad for education can purchase Cholamandalam travel insurance plan and stay secure from unforeseen financial crisis in case of a medical emergency. Cholamandalam student insurance covers the insured for a wide range of risks and assures a peace of mind while abroad. Buy Chlomandalam student health insurance online and travel safely.

Cholamandalam Student Medical Insurance - Advantages

Some of the key advantages of the Chola MS Student Travel Insurance package are

  • Eligible age - 16 years to 35 years
  • Standard coverages in line with the norms of the foreign universities
  • Special Medical extension covers applicable under the Platinum plan to cover
    • Treatment of mental / nervous disorders including alcoholism / drug dependency
    • In-patient medical expenses related to pregnancy
    • Medical expenses for inter-college sports injuries
    • Cancer screening and mammographic examinations
    • Childcare benefits up to 7 days

  • Cashless outpatient bill settlement for more than $400 if intimated to TPA before
  • Pre-existing conditions covered under life-saving unforeseen emergency measures
  • Door-to-door coverage - you can be are covered from the time you leave home within India, right up to the time you reach home. This includes any eventuality that may occur on the way from your home to the airport while leaving for the trip, or from the airport to home on the return trip.

Cholamandalam Student Insurance - salient features

  • Dental treatment - a separate benefit in addition to the medical expenses limit
  • Bail bond - Chola MS covers the bail amount, applicable if arrested or detained by the police or judicial authorities for any bailable offence whilst abroad.
  • 2-way compassionate visit - In the event of hospitalization (more than 7 consecutive days) of a student or a family member, where a family member visits the student or the student visits India, a round-trip economy class ticket for the student / family member and accommodation for the family member visiting abroad will be reimbursed .
  • Checked baggage loss - compensation towards permanent loss of baggage in the custody of the carrier.
  • Personal Accident - coverage towards both death and permanent total disability while overseas.
  • Study interruption - reimbursement for the remaining part f the current school semester fee, if studies are interrupted on account of a medical condition or compassionate reasons on the family front.
  • Sponsor protection - reimbursement of tuition fees, in case of death of person sponsoring studies, due to an accident.
  • Personal Liability - compensation towards any legal liability incurred by you to the third party for any injury to a person or damage to a property.

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