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Thread: How To Make Your Own Websites The Easy Way

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    Default How To Make Your Own Websites The Easy Way

    Making a website can be simple

    Many business owners are put off making their own website by the perceived complexity of the process. They have picked up the idea that building a website is a difficult or time-consuming process. Some people even consider that it is an expensive process, and best left to professional web designers and coding experts.

    I want to show you that these are entirely unfounded beliefs and that websites are actually relatively simple, cheap and easy to both make and put online to be found by your customers.

    In this step-by-step tutorials that I will show all of you how to make your own websites without all of the mystique and complexity that is sometimes put in the way by those who are supposedly web design gurus, and earn a substantial income from building websites for the business community.

    Choosing a webhosting company

    The first item to consider is where you are going to host your website. The choice of possible hosting companies may seem overwhelming but the truth is that there is not a great deal to chose between most of the web hosting companies. Eg:,

    If you are just starting to learn how to make your own websites the key features you will want to look for in a hosting company are
    Read on

    * A guarantee of at least 99.9% uptime
    * Free customer support
    * A free webpage/ website builder

    The rest of the features they offer are ones you will be unlikely to use, at least until you become more proficient at website building.

    How do you want your website to look?

    Once you have selected your web hosting company the second consideration for those of you who want to learn how to make your own websites is the actual physical look of the website. Coupled with that is the need to know exactly what you want your website to accomplish.

    Using a free web template

    In the past it was necessary to physically design your new website from the basic code level up to the implementation of the final design. Today that is no longer the case many web hosts will offer a website builder package with lots of free web templates to choose from. It doesn’t matter if the template you choose does not exactly match your needs, or have exactly the right pages that you think your new website will need.

    It is usually a simple process to modify the free web template through your hosting companies website builder later on. For now just pick the free web template that most closely matches your needs and follow the on screen instructions to install it in your hosting account.

    The final stage of this process is to use your web hosting companies website builder to modify your free template until it accurately reflects your business, and presents a professional business image to the outside world.

    Congratulations if you have followed this tutorial successfully to this point. You should now have a basic website online, and all of you are now well on the way to learning how to make your own websites, and promote your business to the world

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    To have a digital phase of your company is really very important and the website is also a one of the part in among all the phase. Website easiness also depends upon the frame work you are choosing to build your website. It could be ASP.NET Development, PHP, Java Web, ROR (Ruby on Rails), Angular JS, Node JS, SHAREPOINT, Mongo DB.

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