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Thread: Nicolas Cage's son arrested

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    Default Nicolas Cage's son arrested

    LOS ANGELES: Actor Nicolas Cage's son Weston and his wife Nikki Williams have been arrested on felony and domestic violence charges.

    Weston had an altercation with Williams, which resulted in sustaining a cut on his arm with a bottle and her threatening to jump off a balcony

    Police arrested them at their Los Angeles apartment.

    Their bail was set at $50,000, but so far only Weston has managed to post a bond and be released. As he emerged from the police station, Weston showed his bleeding arm to photographers and said: "I'm not OK, man. Don't get married."

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    He is giving a really a bad massage to youth.If you have problem with your married life,you can not adjust with your wife;that dosent means marriage is bad.He have got mad i think.

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    Nicloaes Cage should tell his son about the journey of his life that how did he manage to make his self.Perhaps younger man should learn some ethics from the life of his father .

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