The most popular comedian of current day Mollywood, Salimkumar has bagged the much coveted national Award for Best Actor, for his meticulous performance in the movie 'Aadaminte Makan Abu'. The movie direcetd by Salim Ahamed, features Salim Kumar as an old vendor selling Yunani medicines and Athar, roaming around the streets of Malabar. The movie chronicles the difficulties that the old poor couples of Malabar encounter to go for a much hoped Hajj pilgrimage. This is the first time the actor is honoured in the national level, though he has made some promising perrformances in the past in movies like 'Achanurangaatha Veedu'..

The awards announced today has Salimkumar sharing the best actor award with Tamil star Dhanush, who was named for the accolades for his role is Adukalam.

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