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Thread: SEO Internet Promotion Through Link-Building

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    Link building strategies for search engine traffic consist of four types of links: in-site links, inbound, external, and reciprocal links. Encouraging other sites to link to yours can result in a higher value placed on your site's pages. Links are treated as "votes" for the page that will raise your site's importance in search engine logarithms; the effectiveness depends on quality and relevance of the linking sites.

    In-site links are those placed on the pages using keyword-rich anchor text linking to the other relevant pages. These links are used to extend the navigation ease and readability of the pages for search engine spiders. If not done at the time of design, the SEO may have to re-word the content so that keywords for smooth embedding will be placed in the paragraphs. In order to do away with the underline and coloring of the links, the HTML element STYLE="text-decoration:none" is used in the link.

    Most day-to-day business SEO programs focus on inbound links from other sites. Inbound links also rely on anchor text so that keywords can stand out to search engine spiders. Directories, articles, blogs, press releases, and eZines are places to publish content containing links to your pages. When content is re-published there is a universal agreement to publish the links as well. This is an example of Viral Content, where links multiply as the content is downloaded and re-published.

    Outbound links are similar to reciprocal linking, where you contact another site to trade links. With an unsolicited link to a site, however, there would be less work involved. People like to get free things so they may volunteer a backlink if they like your site and its Google page rank. If a good number of quality sites are involved in link exchanges this will help promotion in search engine rankings.

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    Link building is very important part of seo. For obtain good SERP and PR we have to built quality back links with our targeted anchor text and anchor URL.

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