Higher education means studying at university and preparing for a life-changing experience.

University life isn't just about gaining knowledge and working towards a chosen profession you will have the opportunity to make friends, meet people from new cultures and gain experiences that will stay with you forever.

And, while studying for a degree, you will develop a range of professional skills that will prove useful throughout your life, skills which make you very employable. These include management and delegation skills, effective communication and timekeeping, research and creative thinking.

University provides a stimulating, challenging learning environment and for many of you it is a wonderful opportunity to study your chosen subjects in greater depth. For others, university lets you embrace a brand new subject or pursue a professional course directly relevant to your chosen career path.

University life offers huge opportunities for broadening social, cultural and educational horizons. There are chances to play sports, join clubs and societies, travel and get involved in activities like volunteering all of which are great fun and highly regarded by employers.

It has been true for many years that obtaining a higher education qualification improves career prospects and can enhance lifelong earning potential. Studies show that on average graduates earn 20% more in their lifetime than non-graduates.
So while there are costs (tuition fee loans and student loans) it is an investment in the future.

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