2011 Kia Picanto Supermini

Kia has released UK-market’ pricing for the 2011 model year Kia Picanto (five-door). The cute-looking supermini will be offered in four different trims, including 1, 1 Air, 2 and 3. It can be purchased from 17 June with base price tag of 7995.

The entry-level ‘1’ trim is 11% more costly compared to the previous-generation it replaces. But it comes with improved design and extra equipments as standard, such as six airbags and stability control. The model is powered by a 1.0-liter engine (producing 68 hp) with emissions of just 99g/km, making it more powerful yet eco-friendly than the previous predecessor. While the Picanto 1 Air offers an optional air conditioning and other features of the 1 specification.

The “2” trim level is powered by the same 1.0-liter engine and comes with extra equipments such as manual AC, electric windows and Bluetooth connectivity. And the last trim level which is also the most expensive model is the “3” trim level which is powered by a 1.25-liter engine developing 84 hp with CO2 emissions of 109 g/km

While the three-door version won’t be available on sale until October. There is no details on pricing for three-door Picanto has been announced yet. Please stay tuned for it.

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