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Thread: Salman Khan flying to US for treatment

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    Default Salman Khan flying to US for treatment

    MUMBAI: Bollywood actor Salman Khan will fly to the United States for undergoing treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia, a nerve disorder that causes intense pain in the face. According to sources close to the actor, Salman is to leave for US for a surgery either tomorrow or day after.

    His bodyguard Shera told, “He (Salman) is suffering from acute pain in his jaw..He will go to the US for treatment”. Reports about “Dabangg” Khan’s health have been in news for sometime but his family had earlier denied it claiming he was fit and fine.

    However, the actor himself revealed about his condition in a newspaper article here today. He wrote”The pain is a bit too much now. So I am going now to the US to get it fixed…There is constant pain and if you google this thing you will find out that the amount of pain it causes results in maximum amount of suicides”.

    “If there was a choice to give this pain to my worst enemy I would not give it. They wouldn’t be able to take it,” he added. “There is a nerve that comes out of the brain and goes into three parts –left side of the head, upper jaw and cheek. During ‘Partner’ (2007) it started on the top left side of my face. So whenever it would get pressed it gave me a solid current. The actor said, “Then during ‘Veer’ (2010), the pain came down towards the lower jaw and it was so painful that it was so painful that it used to take me about an hour-an-half to eat omelet”.

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    Salman has been hurt twice on his jaw and now has under gone for a treatment..
    wish that he he gets great treatment for it..
    salman would be fine soon..

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