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Thread: 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

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    Default 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Website

    Clean code: Unfortunately, the code produced by your content management system (CMS) is rarely clean. Learn how it’s supposed to look and then clean it up, or request that your webmaster or designer do this.

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): Page formatting can be written as HTML, but that gets tedious, repetitive and messy. CSS provides a simple set of style codes to incorporate into HTML documents.

    CSS files: CSS belongs in its own stylesheet files (.css files), not embedded in the HTML coding. A simple command, usually in the page HEAD section, tells browsers which .css file to load.

    Multiple CSS stylesheets: Your website probably contains a few design elements that are identical across the entire site, and then several different types of pages with varying styles. Create one .css file with the conserved style elements, and then individual files for each different type of page. Finally, instruct each page to load two .css files: The one with the conserved styles and the one with its specific style.

    JavaScript files: When JavaScript is embedded in a page, browsers have to download it whenever they open a new page, which takes time. Instead, put it into a .js file and put a command in each page’s HEAD to load it, just like your .css file. Now a browser will download it once and cache it, making subsequent page loads faster.

    Even if you use a CMS, learning how to code properly will allow you to make the tweaks necessary to speed up your website and provide a better experience for the potential clients visiting your site.

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    yes, these are very important points.

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    Any links to good java script pages? Interested in learning Java Script - does anyone now any good tutorials?

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    Nice points.

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    By enabling use of CSS in design makes your code compact and easily manageable.Thanks for sharing a nice information .

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