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Thread: Protect your home this monsoon

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    Default Protect your home this monsoon

    Protect your home this monsoon

    There is one place in the world that makes you feel much secured - Your home. Your home protects you from the external circumstances. Monsoon has arrived and the frequency of rainfalls is increasing. A heavy rainfall can do severe damage to your home structure and interiors. Itís prudent to take special care of your home and protect it against uncontrollable weather risks. Home maintenance during monsoon can be planned in smarter way. It will not only help you maintain your home but also the contents of your home in a better wayÖ

    Begin with cleaning the house
    Cleaning is very important. Daily cleaning will protect your house against unnecessary moisture and dirt. Divide the house area and do one to one cleaning rather than cleaning the house at one go. Make use of high-quality equipments and solutions as per the necessity to clean, dust or polish the furniture items. Give special attention to cracked tiles and a roof with a leakage hole, particularly in this weather. Repair the damaged tiles immediately and use water-proof shields for your roof. Doors and windows of your home can be protected in the same way.

    Try to free the space to channelise ventilation
    Avoid buying any new furniture, especially wooden furniture. Keep simple, useful and functional objects. If youíre planning to renovate the house, monsoon is not the best season. Postpone your renovation plans and make use of the old clothes, rugs and carpets. Do not forget to vacuum your carpets and rugs to get rid of the musty smell. This will keep your home neat and tidy by soaking the extra moisture.

    Pay attention to electric devices

    Electric devices can create trouble in such a wet weather. Limit the use of electronic items. Keep the devices covered before and after using them. Damaged electrical appliances, cords, wires should be replaced immediately. Consult an electrician before repairing any devices on your own. It is wise to call an electrician for major repairs. Keep the electrical appliances away from children and pets.

    Go for Home Insurance

    Buying a home insurance plan will be the best way to secure your household and your precious assets against natural calamities. A comprehensive home insurance plan will not only secure your home and home contents against weather issues but also against man-made disasters like burglary, theft, riot, terrorism, strike. We, at ICICI Lombard bring you a complete plan for your home security. Our Home Insurance plan safeguards your home including your personal property, household goods and other valuables. You can purchase our home insurance policy online anytime, anywhere and print it as well. This way you can safeguard your home in the extreme weather and other conditions.

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    Caulk cracks around windows and doors to prevent water from leaking inside. Examine old caulk every year for snacks and breaks, which indicates the caulk has dry and needs replacement. Examine plants in your garden and remove any dead offices, which could fall during heavy rainfall and cause damage.

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    Did you know monsoon is the breeding season for mosquitoes and bugs?

    It is also very important to make your home safe from mosquitoes. I take a simple step of keeping a Good knight mosquito killer machine in every room and use it whenever required. This helps me to keep my kids and family safe from mosquitoes. Dangerous diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria easily spread through mosquito bites. So it is better to prevent mosquitoes rather treating the diseases.

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