PhotoCase You will get: 60 Free download credits, credits can be used to download small, large or super-large photos, photos are royalty free and can be used for private and commercial projects.

Form Assembly: helps businesses and professionals create state-of-the-art web forms and surveys, and collect data without technical skills or desktop software.

ColorSchemer: is a professional color-matching application that will help you build beautiful color schemes quickly and easily.

CrazyEgg: Very good tool for webmasters to monetize websites via heatmaps. It lets you visualize every click your visitors make. Discover exactly how visitors are using your website then optimize it to increase your conversion rate.

SlideDeck: It is a fantastic web presentation plugin made for web designers. You can make amazing product tours by organizing any type of web content into a beautiful and user-friendly slider.

SeoMoz PRO: Easy to use Seo tool for webmasters. You can find errors on your site, recommends fixes to help you rank higher, and monitors progress for easy reporting no matter of you are expert or novice to SEO.

WP Auction: WordPress Auction plugin and theme.

As you can see these tools for webmasters are really nice. You can get from design tools to SEO one.

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