The equity market may have its ups and downs, but you now have a protective shield that will safeguard your investments, while providing upside potential. SBI Life brings you ’Smart Performer’, a unique Unit Linked, Non Participating insurance product that offers you the twin benefits of ’Higher than the Highest’ of the daily NAV Guarantee and the prospect of market upside. What’s more, it also allows you to protect your gains through Automatic Rebalancing facility and offers you a choice of Single and Limited Premium Payment options.

Key Features:

• Guarantee at maturity based on ’5% Higher than Highest Guaranteed NAV’ during the first seven years or prevailing NAV at Maturity, whichever is higher, subject to conditions.
• Enjoy the best of both worlds - Guarantee only or Guarantee and Market Upside through our unique Plan offerings - ‘Secure Plan’ and ‘Secure N Grow Plan’ respectively
• ‘Automatic Rebalancing’ to Lock-in your gains
• Convenience through single premium (SP) or 5 year Premium Paying Term (PPT)

Life Insurance coverage with minimum Sum Assured of 10 times or 7 times of your Annualised Premium (AP), based on your age.
• Liquidity through Partial Withdrawal(s)
• Option to customize the product with Accidental Death Benefit
• Attractive Tax benefits under the Income Tax Act, 1961, subject to conditions *


Maturity Benefit: On completion of Policy Term, Maturity Value will be paid.
Maturity value for the Daily Protect Fund II will be calculated based on NAV which is higher of:
Prevailing NAV as on date of Maturity OR
Higher than Highest Guaranteed NAV: There will be an increment of 5% to the Highest NAV achieved during the first seven years under the ‘Daily Protect Fund II’.

Death Benefit: Higher of the Fund Value or Sum Assured is payable; subject to a minimum of 105% of the total premiums paid## at the time of death. The death benefit is payable only for inforce policies.

Accidental Death Benefit Option: Accidental Death Benefit: Provides additional death benefit if the death occurs as a result of an accident.

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