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Thread: Ayurveda Treatment for Common Fever

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    Default Ayurveda Treatment for Common Fever

    Same as common cold, common fever also affects everybody frequently. Unlike the cold, fever could be considered seriously as when neglected the fever can transform into pneumonia or such deadly diseases. Ayurveda suggests certain food types to be consumed and others to be avoided when suffering from fever. Fruits are recommended for fever patient. Cold food and ice creams are to be avoided strictly. A boiled mixture of cinnamon, pepper and honey is said to be the best ayurvedic cure for fever. Cumin seed, which is a proved antiseptic, is effective in treating fever. Ginger extracts also helps reducing fever. Consume ginger extracts several times a day.

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    The mixture of cinnamon,pepper and honey is excellent for fever.My son had this medicine and by next morning he was fine.

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